A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Your grandfather left something for you at the observatory. Use Kane, your magical hoverstaff, to guide Nira towards the observatory and uncover the mystery of this world.


Move - WASD

Jump - Space

Toggle Hoverstaff/Walk - Left Click | Left Control

Pause - Escape | P

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Ahmad Faiyaz | itch.io | LinkedIn

Adris Jautakas | itch.io

Mitchell Kuppersmith | itch.io | LinkedIn

Nikhil Ghosh | itch.io

With Help From

Dilan Huang

Kaavya Ramachandran

Lucas Tittle

Amber Renton

Created for UMich's EECS 494


Nira Mac.zip 70 MB
Nira Windows.zip 61 MB


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Controls are really good, UI is beautiful, art's colors, environment, characters; cutscenes are beautifully executed. If I had any feedback, it's that sometimes it's easy to get stuck in the mountainous landscape. But really, really, really lovely, definitely give it a try!


Enjoy the atmosphere when playing it as well as the Kane/snowboard mechanic! Had fun playing this.


Amazing experience– the game’s controls are just buttery smooth, the atmosphere is serene and the landscaqpe is epic. Well done!


A fantastic 3D platformer. While it is relatively short, it's mechanics are fun. One of my favorite things was there was the ability to wall climb with a singular wall by tapping the the hoverstaff right before hitting a wall to refresh your double jump, whether or not that's intended. Level design for the levels that were shown off in this was an absolute blast and well designed, though falling off sometimes would take a while to respawn.